We love shoulder physio therapy. Back in 2009 we started working more closely with specialists around the South Island to enhance the rehabilitation of Queenstowners with shoulder pain. We called it the Shoulder Specialist Programme. Since then we have had hundreds of clients through the programme.

Who developed the shoulder physio specialist programme?

The programme founder; Lynley Newton set the spark after working in Christchurch hospital specializing in rehabilitating painful shoulders. She realized the shoulder surgeons were having people drive hours to her door in preference to seeing a local physiotherapist.

Following this Sarah Heasman joined our team- she had taken a special interest in injuries to the upper limb. With a keen eye of movement dysfunction and extensive study of the shoulder doc method (www.shoulderdoc.co.uk) she has continued the programme getting fabulous results with even the most angry shoulders in the Wakatipu.

How is this different?

shoulder physio therapy

The difference? Exercise based shoulder physio. Hands on physiotherapy such as massage therapy, mobilization and acupuncture treatment always have a place but to give the injured tissue a chance to heal you have to get it moving properly and this often means strengthening weak muscles to be able to correct faulty movement patterns. Instead of “band aid” treatments; just taking some of the pain away were looking at fixing the cause. Our fully equipped Queenstown Pilates studio also helps achieve this goal; enabling us to use the support of the Pilates equipment to guide pain free movement.