At the Studio we offer a variety of appointment times to ensure you get the treatment you need. At the risk of over-complicating things we’ve set up a pricing structure that’s designed to give you quick cost-effective care for simple injuries or in-depth specialist treatment for the difficult cases.


Physiotherapy and massage therapy

30 minutes 40 minutes 60 minutes
ACC $42 $52 $80
Private $80 $110 $165

Hand Therapy*

Initial Follow-up
ACC  $20  $12
Private $125 $90

*During Covid-19, at least while the borders are closed, we’re waiving our hand therapy surcharges to help out Queenstown’s hands-on workers. So all ACC treatments will be free of charge.

To book an appointment, or for more information. Call us on 03 409 0078 or email:

What to expect

As a rule-of-thumb, your initial appointment or if you come in with a new injury- we’ll start with a full 40 minute appointment. This allows us to conduct a thorough, clinical examination that tests for the underlying cause of your condition. Gaining a complete diagnosis leads to more rapid and full recovery in the majority of sports and muscle conditions. At this stage if there is someone better to help you we’ll refer you on. We don’t continue without results.Typically this process occurs in 1-2 sessions.

Once we’ve discovered your diagnosis and the cause of your condition we can create a treatment plan with you and fix the problem. At this stage you’ll have 30, 40 or 60 minute appointments according to your needs. Basically it just lets us be more nimble with our treatments – to get you better quicker.

The fine print

Bookings are essential. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and ‘no shows’ will incur the full session fee.  Prices are correct from 1st April 2021, but subject to change without notice