There’s nothing worse than feeling out-of-control and nothing takes control away from you faster than injuring your hands. All the things we use to make our mark on the world; computers, phones, steering wheels, even cutlery, all suddenly become insurmountable obstacles if you’d damaged your digits.

Thankfully, the Studio’s hand therapy team are here to help.

Our team of HTNZ registered hand therapists are the most experienced in Queenstown, which means we can provide the best possible care and give you the best rehabilitation possible.

Why not just see a regular physio?
Physiotherapists are often generalists; a jack-of-all-trades – they’re great with knees and backs, but hands require a more specialised approach. Hand therapists follow a three-year intensive process of university study and training to be experts in the field, meaning you’ll get an accurate diagnosis and the right care straight off the bat, allowing you the quickest possible recovery. If you need onward referral, we have strong working links with the region’s best specialists meaning we can get you to the right place at the right time.

That sounds expensive?
Not really. ACC recognises hand therapists experience, meaning that ACC funds all splinting and pays a higher contribution to your care. This all means you pay less than seeing a general private practice physiotherapist.

Do I need to see a doctor first?
You don’t need a referral to see a hand therapist, you can book an appointment directly with us and we can sort out your ACC paperwork for you too. Of course if you have seen your doctor about your injury, that’s fine too – we’re very happy to work with your GP, surgeon or healthcare professional of choice.

We service Queenstown as well as the greater Wakatipu area including Glenorchy and Kingston. Book online now, or you can give us a call on 03 409 0078 or email

Urgent appointments
We’re committed to making sure all of our hand therapy clients get seen within the first week of their injury. Sometimes that means creating an out-of-hours appointment that isn’t visible on our online booking system. If you’re booking an initial appointment and you can’t see any availability online – call us on 03 409 0078 and we’ll make an arrangement for you.