You won’t find a massage ‘menu’ at the studio. We believe every client is different, and so every massage should be too. For some people it’ll be to help them run further, faster with fewer injuries, for others it’ll just be because they’ve had a hell of a week and just want to relax, and for others it’s an essential part of their injury rehabilitation plan.

But to give you a bit of an idea what can be done, here are a few of the more common reasons why people visit us for their massage:

Sports Massage: When you train you do damage – usually in a good way, which makes you stronger… but not always. Normal training can cause scar tissue to build up, inhibiting blood flow, and causing tendons and ligaments to stick rather than glide. At best this sort of muscular attrition will reduce your performance – at worst it can build into a serious injury, precipitating any athlete’s most hated acronym: D-N-S.

The good news is a regular massage can nip many repetitive use problems in the bud, and a massage by a qualified professional (i.e. all the massage staff at the Studio) can help you distinguish between the usual “no pain; no gain” soreness and pain that signals trouble on the horizon.

Business: Just about every business expert will tell you what you do when you’re not working is just as important as what you do in the office; re-charging the batteries, stoking the burners, or “sharpening the saw” as Stephen Covey called it. But relatively few business people take it as seriously as they probably should.

Of course there’s the productivity increase that comes when you’re relaxed and focused, but beyond that relieving tension can prevent postural injuries which, left to their own devices tend to flare up at the worst possible moment – usually that’s about 24 hours before a critical deadline!

Lymphatic drainage massage:  This type of massage uses very light pressure to stimulate the lymph vessels that lie just beneath the skin. Since these vessels are small and thin, firm pressure in any one area can actually shut them down momentarily, so the gentleness of the pressure is essential. This type of massage is primarily a treatment for those who have long term compromise to their lymphatic system from cancer treatment. However, this type of massage has become popular by women in the later stages of pregnancy and athletes.

Those are just a few of the massage options we have available at the Studio. If you’d like to talk about how a massage at the Studio can work for you – or to book an appointment now – email us at, call on 03 409 0078 or just drop by Unit 13, Gorge Road Retail Centre for a chat!