Pilates has its origins in disciplines like yoga, gymnastics and tai chi, and so after more than a decade of bringing pilates to Queenstown, expanding into yoga seemed like a natural next step for us.

The Studio’s yoga classes are curated by physiotherapists and pilates instructors to incorporate the best of traditional Hatha yoga with the latest in western medicine. The idea is you get the relaxation and flow of the east with the efficacy of the west.

We run two parallel streams in our yoga classes: ‘fundamental’ and ‘progressive’. If you’re new to yoga or pilates, or you’re recovering from an injury, then the fundamental sessions are a great place to start. Or, if you’re comfortable the basics and want to push yourself a little more, then the progressive sessions are for you.

Class sizes

Numbers are limited to strictly five clients per class. This is to allow our instructors to give you maximum personal attention and ensure that you get the most out of each pose.


A ten-week semester costs $250* or you can just come along casually for $38 per-session.


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