Which ski-field animal are you?

Which ski-field animal are you?Ski season is coming and it’s a jungle out there. Yes, one of those cold, snowy sorts of jungles. It’ll be survival of the fittest, the question is, where will your fitness level put you on the food chain?

Well wonder no more –  we’ve put together a not especially scientific quiz to help you find out!

Okay, let's do this!

There are fifteen questions. click "next" to get started.

1. What's your BMI?

If you don't know off the top of your head, then try this online calculator. BMI doesn't carry too much weight as an indicator of health these days, but it gives us an idea how much force you're putting through your musculo-skeletal system... and how tasty a meal you might be to New Zealand's snow bears and tigers (they totally exist).

Deadly New Zealand snow bear.
Deadly New Zealand snow bear.
2. How often do you exercise?
3. How hard do you work out?

This is survival we're talking about... natural selection tends not to favour species that are worried about messing up their hairdos.
4. Do you smoke?
5. How would you describe your overall health at the moment?

snow goat
6. Stand with your toes 5cm away from a wall. Now flex your ankle and knee as you lean forwards. Be sure to keep your foot 90 degrees to the wall and your knee looking over your second toe.

Can you touch the wall with your knees, without lifting your heels off the ground?

Knee to wall test 1Knee to wall 2
7. Mark a spot on the floor with a piece of tape and then stand next to it on one leg. Now jump over it to the other side, landing on the same leg, pausing for two seconds (say "one snow leopard, two snow leopard") between each one.

This is a great balance training, and a great evasion technique if attacked by a snow weasel.

Can you do ten of these without needing to put your other foot down?
Single leg jump 1Single leg jump 2
8. Stand with your back against a wall, then gradually shuffle your feet forwards until your thighs are parallel with the ground (as though you were sitting in an invisible chair).

How long can you hold this position?

Wall Squat 1Wall squat 2

9. Walking lunge. Stand with your feet together then step forward, dropping your back knee to the ground and then come back to standing. Repeat on the other side. Be sure to keep your torso vertical just like in the picture.

How many lunge steps are you able to do without stopping?

Walking lunge 1Walking-lunge-2
10. Lie on the ground with your hips and shoulders vertical and your bodyweight supported just by your lower foot and forearm (this is what's known as a side lying plank).

Can you lift your top leg to 45 degrees, five times?

Answer honestly, this is survival we're talking about!
Side plank 1Side plank 2