PREGNANT? Congratulations!

This is a special time you’ll remember for the rest of your life (particularly as you’ll have a son or daughter as a memento of the experience).

Pregnancy means you’ll have to make a lot of changes and avoid a few things, but one thing you shouldn’t stop is your exercise regime. Experts say thirty minutes or more on most, if not all days of the week during pregnancy produces healthier babies and mums.

But the problem is exactly how to continue exercising comfortably and safely. That’s where pilates at The Studio comes in. The Studio’s pregnancy programmes are design to work with you, adapting and changing to meet the changes and challenges of pregnancy with you.

Whatever exercise you do during pregnancy there are a few important dos and don’ts:

DO: Build up your exercise program slowly
DO: Exercise moderately; you should be able to talk normally while exercising
DO: Keep exercise low-impact, to lessen the load on your joints
DO: Start pelvic floor exercises – especially if you have experienced any incontinence or leaking of urine
DO: Talk to your health care professional about which exercise program is right for you

DON’T exercise in warm or humid environments, especially during your first trimester
DON’T exercise in a way that causes straining or holding your breath
DON’T exercise while lying on your back after sixteen weeks of pregnancy
DON’T exercise with physical contact or danger of falling
DON’T: over stretch
DON’T do sit ups and crunch type exercises
DON’T do activities that require prolonged stationary standing

Want to know more? Just ask us and we’ll book an appointment to discuss your pregnancy.