A six-week running clinic in support of women recovering from cancer in the Wakatipu region.

There’s more to running than just putting one foot in front of the other – getting good advice is crucial. That’s why we designed Run like a girl, a six week  programme designed to help girls run further faster injury free… and have more fun along the way.

During the program we’ll be teaching you everything from what to eat to how to breathe and why disco classics are a runner’s best friend. The program is now in its fifth year and has been reviewed and developed to cater for everyone from absolute beginners to ultra-marathoners. Whatever your level, if you want to improve your running, we can help!


When: this year’s dates coming soon!.

Where: Lululemon Athletica (34 Mall St, Queenstown) for the first week.

How Much: Each session costs $10 session (or $50 if you sign up for all six on the 15th) with all proceeds going to the Pink Pilates Trust.

Keen?: Then send us an email at healme@thestudioqueenstown.co.nz to register your interest.


Week Topic Instructors Location Times
ONE 20/1/16 Breathing. Nutrition. Louise Parker. Ebony Hornibrook. Emma Pearce  Lulu Lemon/ Queenstown gardens 6pm
TWO 27/1/16 Posture and running analysis Ebony Hornibrook  Queenstown field ( next to memorial hall) 6pm
THREE 3/2/16 Lower leg alignment. Glut max and friends Ebony Hornibrook  Warren park (adjacent to Qt High School) 6pm
FOUR 10/2/16 Upper body alignment. Trails and hills Ebony Hornibrook  Queenstown Gardens Pergola 6pm
FIVE 17/2/16 Secret women’s business: Pelvic floor and core. Sports Nutrition Ebony Hornibrook & Emma Pearce The Studio 6pm
SIX 24/2/16 Putting it all together – training programs to build your fitness Ebony Hornibrook & Diana Lauder Warren Park 6pm

 …and just in case you need more convincing to learn how to eat up the trails like a she-demon.

“thank you … for giving me the ability to run! I seriously couldn’t even run 200m when I started Run Like A Girl and today I ran the 10km course at the Frontrunner Series in 1 hr 02 mins!! There is absolutely NO way I could have done that without all the help and advice I got through Run Like A Girl. I could never really understand why I couldn’t run like others could – I thought I had knackered lungs and weak ankles. What I know now is that I had terrible breathing technique and the wrong shoes for my feet!! I can’t tell you enough how this course has changed my attitude toward running so a huge HUGE thank you to everyone who gave their time, I really appreciate it.”
– Kathryn, Queenstown