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Work a little harder in your pilates – and get a whole lot more out of it. Our Reform Your Ways classes will push your coordination, balance and core stability further than you ever thought possible. Let the reformation begin!

Reform Your Ways makes full use of the Studios fleet of pilates reformers. Reformers use spring resistence to provide support when you need it and resistance when you want it. They’re a simple but ingenious device that allows us to break sporting movements down into their component pieces and perfect them. They may look like torture devices, but you’ll learn to love them!

Details –

Who: Anyone looking to take their pilates – and they’re sporting performance – to the next level. Maximum of four people per class.

When: Book your session on Monday 2nd May at 6:00pm, Fridays at 7:45am or Tuesday at 8:00am for ten weeks.

Where: The Studio, 13, 159 Gorge Road (Retail Centre).

How Much: The full ten-week semester costs $250 (for one class per-week).

Keen?: send us an email at to register.

Curious, but not 100% sure?

… then check out our teaser classes!