A seven-week programme to help you get the most out of your running.

Whatever makes you happy when you run; speed, endurance, agility or just keeping up with your mates – The Studio’s Reform Your Running  programme can help you do it better. Over seven weeks we’ll help you get strong to run, stretched to run, balanced to run… and generally become a reformed, refined running machine!

RYR makes full use of the Studios fleet of pilates reformers (*Reform* Your Running… get it! Ah… never mind). Reformers use spring resistence to provide support when you need it and resistance when you want it. They’re a simple but ingenious device that allows us to break running movements down into their component pieces and perfect them. They may look like torture devices, but you’ll learn to love them!

Details –

Who: Anyone who loves running (or wants to)

When: Starting  6:00pm Wednesday March 2 and then the same time each week for seven weeks.

Where: The Studio, 13, 159 Gorge Road (Retail Centre).

How Much: The full seven-week semester costs $175.

Keen?: send us an email at healme@thestudioqueenstown.co.nz to register.